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Crafty Curiosities

Come visit ALL of our crafts, including Fantasy Art, Fiber Crafts, Pyrography!

  Ancient : def. - belonging to the very distant past
Alchemy : def. - a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

A strange thing happened along the way, growing up.  A little girl born in the "boomer age" was different from other children, enchanted with all-things "OLD" - typewriters, pocket watches, inner workings of grandfather clocks & pianos, recipes & remedies, ancient handicrafts, and especially conversations with old folks.  It was as if she'd been born or landed in the wrong era! She loved losing herself in forests, foraging for plants, mixing herbal potions.  She drew & painted, spun & knitted wool, wrote stories & poems, and read any & everything she could. She LOVED Halloween more than Christmas, spoke to animals, and before you know it, others were calling her "odd", "a weirdo" and "a witch"! 
All because of the things she loved doing!


Carol Ochs, Soapmaker
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Carol Ochs (like "Oaks"),

Founder, Company Owner, and Crafter

of all that you find here,

officially in-business since 1994!


"If you are outgrowing who you've been, you're right on schedule.

Keep evolving!"

- Lalah Delia

Rich lathering soap bar - Ancient Alchemy

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