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Baby, It's COLD Outside! Warm hand-knit woolens from Ancient Alchemy!

Yes, even here in California, it's bitterly cold! I live just 45 minutes from local mountains that are getting snow as I type this.

Most of you found me originally for SOAP. I also love to handcraft with yarn and handspun fiber, ...have since childhood. I grew up with a circle of womenfolk who all knitted, crocheted, embroidered, and quilted, and was lucky enough to be taught these lovely crafts! The Etsy shoppe where I offer my fiber crafts is HERE!

Just added is this hand-knit super-soft winter woolen hood in oatmeal-colored yarn, with a real wood rustic button! I don't know about you, but my neck and ears are the first parts to get cold on me in chilly weather! I won't leave the house at night to walk my Newfies without mine! I've received so many compliments on mine with inquiries of "Where did you find that?" that I decided to make and sell more on Etsy, see how they sell, make more if they do well! Like it? You can find it HERE! I guarantee you will keep warm wearing this! And thanks for looking at this and ALL of our hand-knits/crocheted wear! More hand-knits coming soon! Cuz, IS COLD outside!


Ancient Alchemy

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