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I hope you're enjoying summer! And I'm here to remind you that nothing soothes and cools the savage heat like naturally cooling MINT! I'm personally NOT a big fan of summer, nor heat. Here in San Diego, everything becomes parched, brown, we fear the smell of smoke!, days drag due to searing heat, I long for the first sign of autumn arriving (usually not till late October, here) ....but, our summer nights are lovely. Why last night I could barely drag myself in from moon-gazing the most gorgeous moon in a soft gentle breeze, my Newfs on either side of me!

One part of summer I do relish is at day's end, taking a lukewarm bath or shower with mint soap, washing away the day's sweat and grime (I do work hard, slaving over hot soap pots!), donning a thin cotton nightgown, and slipping into crisp clean sheets -- PERFECTION! My skin stays cool from the mint soap! The essential oil blend I use in Mystic Mint Soap is peppermint, lavender, and clary sage....all mood-elevating oils as well! So you can cool your heels AND your sour attitude if hot weather makes you grumpy, like it does me! heh heh You can find Mystic Mint Soap HERE ...our big 5 oz. chunky bars!


It's been a while since I updated. For those interested, I'm still juggling many irons in our home fires..... Apparently I'm a compulsive business manager/hat wearer.


The new soap line continues to be popular of which I'm very grateful! VERY happy to receive comments from so many of you who are also embracing as Earth-friendly a lifestyle as can be, especially in the products you choose to use, support, and gift to others! We each cumulatively make a BIG difference, and influence those around us! Keep it up!!!


Comic-Con is next week! The country's LARGEST convention and takes place here in San Diego! It was waylayed the last two years due to the pandemic, but back in-person this year! And again, my art was accepted as part of the show. Art for the show must fit within the themes of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Myth, etc. On display will be a collection of ORIGINAL paintings I recently did titled "Enigma: Mysteries and Guardians of the Forest" ...which features the theme of Sasquatch, Bigfoot, or as many First Nations people refer to them, the Sa'be. They continue to be an inspiration to me, especially since an incident that occurred to me back when I was on a camping trip with my family in the '70's. Further elaboration on that can be found at my newly updated art website: under The Artist if you are interested. I am also working on a children's book that has a Sasquatch theme, writing and illustrating it.

Details/Directions/Times about the Art Show can be found HERE. There will be LOTS of amazing art from artists all over the world who submit! Not sure which day I will be there; all depends on my crazy schedule, but I will be there. Prints of all my art can be found HERE. Here's a couple of the new Sasquatch pieces:

I'm also trying to build-up my following at my Facebook "art" page @

if you'd care to hit me up there and toss me a "like" and/or "follow"! I'd be most appreciative, as apparently this is how one gets their work around these days. THANKS!


I have also stayed on as the bookkeeper for my husband David's plumbing contracting business. At the start of the pandemic, his previous bookkeeper/office manager retired suddenly and I said I'd help out till he hired someone new. Somehow I ended up becoming permanent. Funny how that works! I'm able to do so from home, so that's a huge plus, as I can integrate it with all my other ventures. Most mornings are spent attending to his business, and the rest of the day into evening I work on my businesses. As common a thing as internet and computer technology now are, I never fail to marvel at it daily and how its facilitated my own business-life. Especially the part where its connected me with so many amazing customers I would likely never have met otherwise.


Because I've had a lot on my plate, some of my craft offerings have slid to a back burner. I haven't had time to do as many of my fiber crafts as I used to and I am no longer accepting commission requests. When I do, they will be offered at the Etsy shop and I'll post about them in a blog post or on my general Facebook page.


A gentle reminder as we slide into the second half of the year, especially to all of our WHOLESALE clients with shoppe shelves to fill and special events in the works.....our production schedule gets significantly busier as we near the autumn and winter holidays. Please be sure to plan & place your large orders EARLY so we can accommodate you in a timely fashion! Thanks!

Keep safe & healthy on your summer forays, Good People! And thanks for your continued interest! Always appreciated!



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