*NEW!* Sea Forest Soap!

I LOVE using all Nature has to offer us! Beneath the sea surface lies a never-ending forest of sea kelp, RICH in minerals, antioxidants, ...a veritable wealth of skin softening and skin-nourishing gold! And golden, kelp is! Just one more example of Earth providing all we need, WITHOUT a bunch of detergents and man-made chemicals masquerading as skin-softeners or cleansers. I walk our beautiful San Diego beaches weekly and knew I had to create a soap that harnessed kelp magic! After gathering fresh kelp washed ashore, I brought it home to the workshop, rinsed it thoroughly, soaked it in filtered water with a dash of sea salt for additional skin-softening, and let it soak two days to infuse the water with kelp magic! With this infused water, I made the soap with all of our other usual organic base oils, some added ground kelp powder, a light sprinkle of San Diego beach sand atop, and a delightful essential oil scent blend that captures the earthy essence of our misty beach shore at dawn; the fresh salty air, the bushes of rosemary and lavender growing on the hillside above the beach. Some of you may recall from our previous soap line, a very popular bar called "Monterey Mist". Well, this is that same scent blend! We had so many requests to bring it back! Enjoy being one with the sea! #kelpsoap #montereymist #seasoap #antioxidantsoap #seaweedsoap #benefitsofkelp

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