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We ship USPS Flat Rate.  For quantity reference and to make the most of your shipping cost...

- Small Flat Rate Box (up to 4 Bars, or 1 bag of White Elephant Soap Scraps) - $8.10

- Priority Mail Box (square) for either the 2 or 3 bar STACKING Gift Sets with Soapdish - $11.00

- Medium Flat Rate Box (up to 24 Bars, or 2 Logs, or 3 lb.'s of bagged/bulky White Elephant Soap Scraps, or 4-Bar stacking Gift Set) - $14.00

- Large Flat Rate Box (up to 36 Bars, or 3 Logs, or 5 lb.'s of bagged White Elephant Soap Scraps) - $18.95

If your combination of products-chosen ends up costing less to ship, we will refund you the difference!

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