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...Other Crafty Curiosities!

- Art -

It's hard to stop at just one mode of creation...or such is how it's been for me!  I've been drawing & painting since childhood, first inspired by the beautiful illustrations in children's picture books. I've continued to love painting mythic fantasy & very real subjects, beings seen and unseen - fairies, mermaids, witches, sasquatch, dragons and more.  My art has appeared in several books, online magazines, and I regularly show at San Diego Comic-Con International's annual Art Show.  Here is a sampling of my style.  It can be found at my art *WEBSITE* with links there to purchase as prints, greeting & blank cards, mugs, pillows, and on a bevy of other useful products!

fairy art, faery, garden, spring, friendship, flight, fly, carol ochs art
fairy, faery, running on beach, beach sunset, rays of fire, sand,
mermaid art, siren art, blond, pink, girl, shell, ocean, tide, sea, little mermaid, carol ochs
fairy art, faery art, fae, green, nasturtiums, spring
sasquatch art, bigfoot art, carol ochs art, cryptid, forest, woods, forest guardiang
- Writing -

Writing is something else I've loved all my life; a child writing stories and poems, ...through school as a newspaper editor, ...later obtaining completion from the Institute of Children's Literature, ...and as a beat reporter for my community newspaper.  A recent story of mine in included in the following publication.  I love to collect typewriters, too!


- Fiber Crafts -

As long as I can remember, I've been knitting and crocheting.  I grew up in a family skilled in several textile crafts....knitting, crocheting, sewing, quilting, embroidery, etc.  I also learned to spin my own yarn!  Here is a sample of some of my wares: handspun yarn for you to make your own projects, and some of my finished pieces.  All and more are available HERE.

fiber art.jpg

- Pyrography -

Another craft I enjoy is pyrography...the art of wood-burning.  Here are some samples, and they are available HERE.


Thanks for checking out my other crafts!


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