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- White Elephant Soap Scraps -

(These come packaged in either kraft brown paper bags, or Eco cell bags that are compostable & biodegradable!)

These make great party-bags, too! These soaps are odd or irregular UNLABELED (it's not production-effective for us to have to create labels for each odd-sized scrap, so know these pieces you'll receive are UNLABELED) end-pieces or sizeable-use scraps from soap production, or from our previous soap line, or our current soap line we offer here at this site, as well as soap scraps from custom soap batches we do for retail stores and for weddings, etc.!  All the goodness of handmade soap, albeit imperfect a savings! We can't guarantee which soaps will be included, but when you (it's a REQUIRED shopping cart section when choosing product) specify what scent types you favor, we'll *try* to include those for you *if* scraps of those scent types are available at the time we are packing your order!

PLEASE NOTE!  If you only want very specific soap scents offered at our website, it is best to order them as full bars off the SOAP menu.  Even if you specify when ordering White Elephant Soap Scraps that you hope to get certain scents, there is NO GUARANTEE that scraps of those scents will be available at the time of your order.  So please do not request "a lb. of this scent, a lb. of that scent", etc.  For those of you who say "But you were able to do that for me before!"...yes, if those soaps were available before at the time of your order, we will always try to fill your order with those soaps you request as scraps.  But again, no guarantee. (And yes, after 25 years in this business apparently this long-winded explanation has become necessary to spell out.)

We ask you to specify what scent FAMILIES ("floral", "spicey", "herbal", "citrus"....etc.) you most prefer so we can try to accommodate you with soap scraps from those general scent families.  But we do not have time to inventory and list all soap scraps, of all varieties, including from our old line, and describe them all in detail. 

White Elephant Soap Scraps are to be considered more of a grab-bag/surprise type purchase, as the name "White Elephant" suggests, and hence, the discounted price.