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These are some of Carol's "personally-chosen" Favorite Things,

quality-crafted by USA artisans Carol knows, beautiful crafts she wears herself, gift-gives to others, and is proud to support & share!

(Added in no particular order. Some created websites/shops later than others.)


Kelly and I met back in, I believe it was 2004,  I was looking online for personal care glassware supplies (potion bottles) and she answered an ad I placed and invited me to an artist's forum where someone there she knew was selling some of these bottles.  We became fast friends, the kind who can pick up as if no time has passed at any time, and I never could resist her charming South Carolina accent.  We ended up (with another friend) becoming the moderators of that artist forum until forums sort of (sadly) went by the wayside when Facebook became the hot new platform.  Anyway...ya know when you meet someone and just know you'll be friends forever?  Yeah--that's Kelly.  And over the years she's always pursued and mastered making beautiful crafts, ...crafts of which I have many, and love to give as gifts!  Always magically infused, and of the highest quality!  Visit her shop and be charmed!


Creating is one of my outlets in life that keeps me sane and makes me feel fully alive. I get lost in my own little world when I take out my beads or my paints. I am constantly seeking adventures and experiences to be newly inspired by. I strive to learn new techniques and improve upon my existing knowledge to keep my work fresh and innovative. The endless possibilities for uniqueness and personal touches ensure that jewelry creating and art will always remain exciting and magical for me.  When people wear my jewelry and view my art, I want them to feel as though they have a tiny treasure with them that evokes thoughts of their favorite place or a special memory. I want them to feel as though they carry with them a creation sparked from passion and magic that has the power to turn an ordinary day into an enchanting one. Step off the beaten path and discover the treasures that await you…

Kelly Smith-Smart
Find Kelly at:



Christopher is my oldest son, and as you may have surmised, he comes from a long line of hand-crafters.  His textile/fiber crafting is exceptional heirloom-quality, and always an inspiration to me and other crafters I know! He crochets, knits, spins, and weaves! He lives in a cabin tucked in a beautiful old growth forest in the Pacific Northwest, perched right on a river where he draws endless color and textural inspiration from Nature, as well as his many global travels!


You can find Chris at:

Orange-Spice-Tea Soap

Ancient Alchemy®

Est. 1994

San Diego, California, USA


Handcrafted Old World Soaps, Herbal Balms, 

& Other Crafty Curiosities!

Sustainably-Sourced Fair Trade Ingredients,

Cruelty-Free, Eco-Conscious

Soap Rituals
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