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Mossy Musky Dark and Dusky Soap
Stacks of cut soap bars - Ancient Alchemy
Soap Logs - Ancient alchemy
4-Bar Gift Stack - Ancient Alchemy
Gold Dust Woman Handcrafted Soap
Rich lathering soap bars - Ancient alchemy

Bars, ...Logs (to cut-by-the-slice), ...Gifts!

"Sometimes you have to step back in time to move forward with better ideas."

Rustic or elegant, our soap line or your custom idea, retail or wholesale, we make it all and have since 1994, first inspired by my own problematic skin needs, as well as a rare ancient Victorian journal I found in a used bookstore, hand-written and chockful of simple, uncomplicated, pure ingredient recipes from long before skincare product chemicals and cheap substitutes even existed!

Our soap line mimics these vintage recipes, always crafted with the best Earth/animal/and people-friendly ingredients & practices -- the purity & magic of ancient alchemy!  THAT'S how you create & maintain repeat-buyer-clientele as well as enlighten newcomers to healthier products! Once people try handmade pure vegetable oil soaps, it's pretty difficult to go back to mainstream chemical-laden detergent bars ever again! Skin just feels SO MUCH BETTER with handcrafted, it sells itself! 


However not all handmade soap is crafted the same.  We use ONLY the finest ingredients in our recipes, just as we always have, sourced from reputable suppliers that share our commitment to fair trade, and fair wages for sustainable crop workers.  Our soaps may cost a bit more than some on the market, but their quality and firmness to the last sliver speaks volumes!  As a super-sensitive skin person myself, it's what led me to become a soapmaker in the first place!

I'm my own best guinea pig! Come try!

Carol Ochs, Soapmaker


Basket of labeled Ancient Alchemy soap bars
Unmolded soaps - Ancient alchemy


Interested is selling Ancient Alchemy at your shoppe, e-commerce site, at craft fairs & festivals, in catalogs, or as home parties?  Are you a soapmaker also, but unable to keep up with occasional extra demand?  Or a fellow like-minded, healthy product entrepreneur? We're happy to partner with you as a supplier, offering our products at wholesale pricing, at a minimum purchase! (We do not do drop-shipping or consignment!)


First, accountant's orders....we are required to have a copy of your state resale permit on-file (to prove you are a business entity and exempt from paying tax on your purchase), so please forward a copy to this email address: ancientalchemy(at)  THANKS!

Once your valid resale permit has been submitted to us, we will provide you with the wholesale code to use at check-out.  Your checkout will only complete if you meet the wholesale minimum purchase sub-total of $150.00 PRE-SHIPPING CHARGE with wholesale discount applied.

This equates to approx, 28 - 30 soap bars PLUS $14.75 (<-Medium Flat Rate cost, up to 30 bars)

or PLUS $19.90 cost, (<-Large Flat Rate cost, up to 40 bars)

Or 3 12-bar soap logs, or 36 soap bars - + Shipping - $19.90

Other products or combinations of products - shipping TBD. Quotes available if needed.

We can also tally your order off-cart and send you a PayPal funds request if you prefer. 


We also do custom soap orders!

Many of our long-time shoppe-owner clients have us craft their CUSTOM soap for a unique-to-them crafted product, that no one else offers! BE DIFFERENT! But be GREAT!

Interested?  Email us and let's craft YOU a custom soap that fits your shoppe's unique theme, region, special needs, or ingredient specifications! Ancient Alchemy has proven over and over since 1994, to be an excellent repeat-buyer-clientele builder! ancientalchemy(at)

(Note:  If requesting unusual ingredients we've not worked with before, ingredients and source MUST be approved that parallel our standards, and a test-batch at your expense will be required to assess product outcome.)



We LOVE to do special events, like parties, bridal and baby showers, house-warmings and open houses, holiday events, and supply soap for AirBNBs and other rentals!  We do offer discounts on orders that meet certain thresholds.  Ask! ancientalchemy(at)  

Ancient Alchemy Soap Display
Soap Bars - Ancient Alchemy
Soap Stack - Ancient Alchemy
Soap Rituals - Ancient Alchemy

Some of the type establishments our soaps are offered in:

- Bath and bodycare shops

- Gift boutiques

- Florist shops

- Baby and young child shops

- Metaphysical shops

- Salons

- Spas/Gyms

- Coffee/Tea shops (coffee and tea soaps)

- Specialty themed shops (fairy soaps, mermaid soaps, witch soaps)

- Shops that carry complimentary type products/ingredients (herbs, oils, spices)

- Tourist shops that sport certain themes for their locale (mountain resorts, etc.)

- Hardware stores & supply houses (hand soaps for construction workers)

- Resort general stores (fishing & hunters soaps that disguise human scent, no-bug soaps)

- AirBNBs

- Art/Craft supply stores (artist/crafter hand soaps)

- Garden/Nursery stores (gardeners hand soap)

- Drug stores (sensitive skin soaps)

- Physican's offices (sensitive skin soaps)

- Party planning shops

- Wedding planning shops

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