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  • *NEW!* Sea Forest Soap!

    I LOVE using all Nature has to offer us! Beneath the sea surface lies a never-ending forest of sea kelp, RICH in minerals, antioxidants, ...a veritable wealth of skin softening and skin-nourishing gold! And golden, kelp is! Just one more example of Earth providing all we need, WITHOUT a bunch of detergents and man-made chemicals masquerading as skin-softeners or cleansers. I walk our beautiful San Diego beaches weekly and knew I had to create a soap that harnessed kelp magic! After gathering fresh kelp washed ashore, I brought it home to the workshop, rinsed it thoroughly, soaked it in filtered water with a dash of sea salt for additional skin-softening, and let it soak two days to infuse the water with kelp magic! With this infused water, I made the soap with all of our other usual organic base oils, some added ground kelp powder, a light sprinkle of San Diego beach sand atop, and a delightful essential oil scent blend that captures the earthy essence of our misty beach shore at dawn; the fresh salty air, the bushes of rosemary and lavender growing on the hillside above the beach. Some of you may recall from our previous soap line, a very popular bar called "Monterey Mist". Well, this is that same scent blend! We had so many requests to bring it back! Enjoy being one with the sea! #kelpsoap #montereymist #seasoap #antioxidantsoap #seaweedsoap #benefitsofkelp

  • Cooooling Mint Soap--Yessss!

    Hello Fine Followers... I hope you're enjoying summer! And I'm here to remind you that nothing soothes and cools the savage heat like naturally cooling MINT! I'm personally NOT a big fan of summer, nor heat. Here in San Diego, everything becomes parched, brown, we fear the smell of smoke!, days drag due to searing heat, I long for the first sign of autumn arriving (usually not till late October, here) ....but, our summer nights are lovely. Why last night I could barely drag myself in from moon-gazing the most gorgeous moon in a soft gentle breeze, my Newfs on either side of me! One part of summer I do relish is at day's end, taking a lukewarm bath or shower with mint soap, washing away the day's sweat and grime (I do work hard, slaving over hot soap pots!), donning a thin cotton nightgown, and slipping into crisp clean sheets -- PERFECTION! My skin stays cool from the mint soap! The essential oil blend I use in Mystic Mint Soap is peppermint, lavender, and clary sage....all mood-elevating oils as well! So you can cool your heels AND your sour attitude if hot weather makes you grumpy, like it does me! heh heh You can find Mystic Mint Soap HERE ...our big 5 oz. chunky bars! ____________________________________ It's been a while since I updated. For those interested, I'm still juggling many irons in our home fires..... Apparently I'm a compulsive business manager/hat wearer. SOAP: The new soap line continues to be popular of which I'm very grateful! VERY happy to receive comments from so many of you who are also embracing as Earth-friendly a lifestyle as can be, especially in the products you choose to use, support, and gift to others! We each cumulatively make a BIG difference, and influence those around us! Keep it up!!! ART: Comic-Con is next week! The country's LARGEST convention and takes place here in San Diego! It was waylayed the last two years due to the pandemic, but back in-person this year! And again, my art was accepted as part of the show. Art for the show must fit within the themes of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Myth, etc. On display will be a collection of ORIGINAL paintings I recently did titled "Enigma: Mysteries and Guardians of the Forest" ...which features the theme of Sasquatch, Bigfoot, or as many First Nations people refer to them, the Sa'be. They continue to be an inspiration to me, especially since an incident that occurred to me back when I was on a camping trip with my family in the '70's. Further elaboration on that can be found at my newly updated art website: under The Artist if you are interested. I am also working on a children's book that has a Sasquatch theme, writing and illustrating it. Details/Directions/Times about the Art Show can be found HERE. There will be LOTS of amazing art from artists all over the world who submit! Not sure which day I will be there; all depends on my crazy schedule, but I will be there. Prints of all my art can be found HERE. Here's a couple of the new Sasquatch pieces: I'm also trying to build-up my following at my Facebook "art" page @ if you'd care to hit me up there and toss me a "like" and/or "follow"! I'd be most appreciative, as apparently this is how one gets their work around these days. THANKS! BOOKKEEPING: I have also stayed on as the bookkeeper for my husband David's plumbing contracting business. At the start of the pandemic, his previous bookkeeper/office manager retired suddenly and I said I'd help out till he hired someone new. Somehow I ended up becoming permanent. Funny how that works! I'm able to do so from home, so that's a huge plus, as I can integrate it with all my other ventures. Most mornings are spent attending to his business, and the rest of the day into evening I work on my businesses. As common a thing as internet and computer technology now are, I never fail to marvel at it daily and how its facilitated my own business-life. Especially the part where its connected me with so many amazing customers I would likely never have met otherwise. FIBER CRAFTS: Because I've had a lot on my plate, some of my craft offerings have slid to a back burner. I haven't had time to do as many of my fiber crafts as I used to and I am no longer accepting commission requests. When I do, they will be offered at the Etsy shop and I'll post about them in a blog post or on my general Facebook page. REMINDER: A gentle reminder as we slide into the second half of the year, especially to all of our WHOLESALE clients with shoppe shelves to fill and special events in the works.....our production schedule gets significantly busier as we near the autumn and winter holidays. Please be sure to plan & place your large orders EARLY so we can accommodate you in a timely fashion! Thanks! Keep safe & healthy on your summer forays, Good People! And thanks for your continued interest! Always appreciated! Sincerely, Carol Ancient Alchemy My Loyal Assistants: Gryffin & Zoey

  • Welcome To the *NEW* Ancient Alchemy Site!

    G'Day, Good Followers! THANK YOU SO MUCH for continuing to follow us! I hope you don't mind, I imported all of you from the old website subscriber list to this new one. If you do not wish to receive our email updates any longer, no problem, just UNSUB at the link at the bottom, and we're sorry to see you go! We're always open to feedback, so if you care to share thoughts or positive ya go: Yes....finally, the new site! The original plan was to unveil it a year ago. Last year (as for MANY!) got very complicated, both on the personal front (extended family member issues), my husband's company issues (now sorted out), quarantine, as well as AND MOSTLY company goals began re-focusing and shifting. It's amazing how you can start researching ONE LITTLE THING, and suddenly you are completely changing your entire perspective and how it applies to what you put out into the world! That was me... With those shifts came a LOT of research, overhauling, and re-pricing as the world market has proved to be more expensive for just about everything, including all of of our raw ingredients. Add to that, we now source as much as we can, as organic, because who needs pesticides? So many of you kept emailing, asking me when?, when?, when?...and I'm truly sorry there's been this huge delay. I'm gobsmacked by how loyal so many of you are and I'm DEEPLY appreciative! LIFE gets complicated, as will happen to us all sooner or later, true? THE BOTTOM LINE though is "When you know better, you DO better!"....and that is what is at the core of, and the catalyst of the changes we've made in our soap line! I'm EXCITED to share them with you!!! The funny thing is...our core business principle remains "stepping back in time to ancient ways". Earth has always provided all we need. Humans somehow got waylayed along with the Industrial Revolution and brainwashed into believing, or maybe just never dove deep enough to learn how synthetics, chemicals, and all manner of inferior base ingredients were cheaper, yes, but also the root cause of a lot of skin health issues, not to mention the effects on the environment. I was part of that hoodwinking myself, thinking my skin issues were genetic, when it was really the stuff I used on my skin that was the culprit. Took me over 20 years to figure that out! So WHAT'S different about this new soap line? Our previous line was conscientiously-crafted, but we hope to never rest on our laurels in this evolving world of health and environmental updates & upgrades! I had FUN crafting this line, playing with JUST all-natural scents, many NEW to me, and experimenting with other new ingredients! With soap, you can't just try a new recipe and have instant results the next day. You have to let the soap cure, and see how it performs over time! So my experimenting was not a quick process, and required tweaking to utilize different ingredients instead of some that are deemed not as sustainable. Example, we are choosing not to use palm oil at this time. More on that here, bottom of page. In hindsight, I was fortunate to be one of the first dozen handcrafted soapmakers on the new-born internet in the early 1990's. NOW if you Google "handcrafted soapmakers", there's well over a million on the internet. You have lots of choices as a consumer! And a lot of product out there looks very similar! And, there continues to be a myriad of soapmakers offering soap at prices that quite honestly, even if they are using the cheapest ingredients possible, I have no idea how they stay in business....and clearly, many do not as you see them come and go frequently. Our goal is to not only craft you exceptional premium skincare products, but to create products that are in the best health interests of the population at-large, leave no ecologic footprint or damage, harm no animals, and do not harm the welfare of workers who plant and harvest raw ingredients. Also, there is no form of packaging that should be used once then last dozens to hundreds of years in a landfill, or not be recycled in some tangible form! Do you agree? We hope you can adopt that ethos as well along with us! Mind-shifts, product shifts....with The Big Picture in mind! The result of our intense research convinced us to make the following improvements: Our new soap line features (and some of these we were already doing!): - Nearly all organic ingredients - All ingredients researched for sustainability and fair trade worker welfare - We've added a shampoo bar (to help prevent plastic use!) - No synthetic scents, only essential oil scenting - All colorants are only clay, herb, or spice in origin - No endangered crop ingredients (ex: frankincense, rosewood, sandalwood, etc.) - A more ergonomic, and larger (1+ oz. larger than before) - Only recyclable/compostable packaging - Complete label transparency - Only tested on volunteer humans - NO DETERGENTS, PARABENS, PHTHALATES, SULFATES, ARTIFICIAL DYES/COLORANTS, or FILLERS - A dedication to continuing research We used to offer over 80 soap varieties, now we're down to around 20, -- 80 was (wow!) too difficult to keep up with, and by most manufacturing standards, unrealistic unless you are a huge manufacturer, which I am not. But our new offerings include something from most every scent family, and includes our previous top-selling soaps, some in a new incarnation (and noted as such)! We'll continue to also offer a few seasonal favorites as the seasons change! Plus we have some fun and mysterious new blends we're excited about, like Black Soap, Blue Tansy, Immortelle! And YES!, we are still selling off old product line, as well as current product line, and leftovers from custom soap batches as White Elephant Soap Scraps by the lb.! The new site is still being tweaked here & there, products/photos added. Thanks for your patience! But mostly thank you for your interest! We hope you find our new line something that you want to embrace as well! Yes, we know it costs more than you were used to with our old line, and we totally understand in these times how it might be too far out of some budgets. That's one reason we'll always make the White Elephant Soap Scraps available at a discounted price. But I hope more than anything that you will find the wisdom, as I did, in choosing human and Earth conscious products! Our planet is in pretty dire straits right now. And there is just way too many people with skin disorders due to what they put on themselves. Even as a wee small company, I feel compelled to "make a difference". I don't want to be just another soap company staying status quo. As a THANK YOU for your interest and loyalty, for the next few days (ends Wed. 02/09/22 at midnight), we're offering 15% off any purchase. Use the following code in the PROMOTIONAL CODE box on the checkout page: IntroSale15 (case sensitive, so capitalize that "I" and "S"!) PLEASE NOTE: Some of you may have us bookmarked as "ancientalchemysoap(s).com"....we are just using "" now, so please re-bookmark! Thanks! Sincerely, Carol Ochs Owner, Ancient Alchemy

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  • Gift Card | Ancient Alchemy

    eGift Card $25 - $200 You can't go wrong with a gift card. Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own. ... Read more Amount $25 $50 $100 $150 $200 Quantity Buy Now

  • Home | Ancient Alchemy - Handcrafted Soaps, Bar Shampoo, Balms, Candles

    1/16 Yes! We're still selling off White Elephant Soap Scraps from our previous soap line! A conscious shift is happening planet-wide... ...towards healthier selves and Earth ! We keep changing and re-crafting, too! We've simply stepped back in time to the delightful exploration of clean, natural ingredients and scents that Earth has served up all along! Come choose conscious consumption skincare for yourself, loved ones, and our environment! Carol Ochs, Founder, Company Owner, and Crafter of all that you find here, since 1994! *NEW!* "If you are outgrowing who you've been, you're right on schedule. Keep evolving!" - Lalah Delia > Thanks for submitting to receive Ancient Alchemy's Updates! Come check out our Halloween Fiber Crafts and Art at our ETSY shop !

  • Soaps | Ancient Alchemy

    - Handcrafted Soaps - Soap available as: 5.0+ oz./142+ gms. BARS FEATURING: - Cold processed method, small batch soap - Organic ingredients - All ingredients researched for sustainability and fair trade - Essential oil only scenting - All colorants are clay, spice or herbal in origin - No endangered crop ingredients used (sandalwood, rosewood, frankincense, etc.) - An ergonomic, larger bar (1+ oz. larger than before) - Only recyclable/compostable packaging - Complete label transparency - Only tested on volunteer humans - NO SYNTHETICS, DETERGENTS, PARABENS, PHTHALATES, SULFATES, ARTIFICIAL DYES/COLORANTS, or FILLERS - A dedication to continued research, both ancient and new Soap also available as: 32.0+ oz./907+ gms. LOGS Logs cut into 6 - 5.0+ oz. bars , or custom-cut as you'd like with a common kitchen knife. Logs are 10% discounted over the per/bar cost! Quick View Sea Forest Soap Price $12.50 Quick View Aboriginal Secret Price $11.75 Quick View Amas Veritas Price $12.50 Quick View Black Soap Price $13.00 Quick View Blue Tansy Price $14.50 Quick View Earthling Price $13.00 Quick View Encantado Price $11.75 Quick View Immortelle Price $14.50 Quick View Joe Price $14.50 Quick View Lavender Fields Price $11.75 Quick View Lave Sus Manos Price $11.75 Quick View Morning Price $11.75 Quick View Mystic Mint Price $12.75 Quick View Nectar Price $11.75 Quick View Old Growth Forest Price $11.75 Quick View Rapunzel (Shampoo or Soap Bar) Price $13.00 Quick View Simplicity (UNscented) Price $10.00 Quick View Sweet Child of Mine Price $12.00 Quick View Verbena Tangerina Price $11.75 Quick View White Elephant Soap Scraps By The lb. Price $15.00 More Soap Info.

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