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(Scent Family: Herbal, minty, somewhat medicinal from the tea tree oil and tamanu oil.)


No WONDER dragon's roar so!  Dry, cracked, scaly feet! OUCH!

We get an exceptionally large number of customers telling us about their cracked dry feet problems & how painful they become to even walk on at times.  Heel and ball of foot areas hardened with continually thickened skin that over-the-counter soaps, creams & remedies do not seem to fully penetrate, let alone fix. Diabetes can be another contributing factor and reason to pay especially close attention to foot issues.

First of all, exfoliating/pumicing/sanding the dry thickened areas has to become a ritual you perform regularly to control the daily and continuing growth of layer-upon-layer of thickened skin & callus. You can use pumice stones, or any of the many devices available on the market today designed for this purpose such as "Omope". I've even had people tell me they've resorted to using belt sanders (the construction tool) to grind down exceptionally thick and hard calluses on their feet because usual callus-sanding devices were not heavy-duty nor sand deep enough. You be the judge of how thick your calluses are. Be careful whatever device you use to not sand too deeply. We do not recommend callus *cutting* devices as it's easy to slip with these or take off too much callus, injuring the foot. The point being, you do need to get down to softer foot skin for any remedy to be able to penetrate and do you any good. THEN, maintain that level of foot care to avoid a re-building-up of cracking callus again. If you have a fungus problem with your feet, it's easy for the fungus to get trapped beneath layers of building-up callus and never really go away. 

So, I put on my potion-making hat, and brought together all the very BEST oils, butters and essential oils I know of to combat foot dryness and scaly-ness.  Tamanu oil is pricey, but one of THE most effective oils, and the main ingredient in this salve!  Very lightly scented with peppermint, tea tree, and lavender essential oils...oils all excellent for footcare and reknown in herbal folklore for their combined antibacterial, anti-fungal properties.


We are happy to report customers rave about this foot fix!


Be sure to consult your physician about ANY foot care issues you have before embarking on any new treatments or therapies.

Dragon Scale Foot Fix

  • Organic tamanu oil, organic cocoa butter, organic avocado oil, organic vitamin E oil, peppermint, tea tree & lavender essential oils.

    4 oz./113 gms.

    Please be sure to wash & re-use, or recycle your glass jar/aluminum jar lid following use!

Orange-Spice-Tea Soap

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