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This page is seasonally-offered soaps or one-off batches.








































(Differences in soap price points reflect ingredient costs.)

Please see our pages - INGREDIENTS and What IS ORGANIC?



An issue I'd like to straight-up address is THE COST of organic, sustainable ingredients. 

YES, they presently do cost more than mainstream crop harvests and synthetic ingredients on the market. However as the demand for cleaner quality ingredients increases, prices WILL drop. What we all need to calculate is the cost of NOT using organic, sustainably-made products our health, and the planet.  Your skin, largest organ of your body, absorbs what you put on it. Everything that goes down your shower drain, even when treated through filtration plants, ultimately ends up in waterways affecting plant and animal health.  It has been found that even when processed  through water treatment plants, synthetic personal care product ingredients (and including pharmaceuticals) are not fully rendered inert and DO make their way into our waterways, adversely affecting fish and plant life.  Studies date back decades on this, you can research yourself. 

Here are just a couple of studies:


Our carefully sourced soap ingredients contain no animal fats, detergents, sulfates, phosphates, parabens, phthalates, artificial colorants or dyes, synthetic scenting materials, artificial preservatives or fillers, or inferior or non-sustainably grown and harvested base oils.  And our soaps are never tested on animals, only in-house volunteer humans who are only too happy to try new soap concoctions we make!

RE: RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil), there has been much attentio