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Dry skin HEAVEN and the epitome of LUXURY! This lather embodies silken cream enveloping your every stretch or crevice of skin! A 50% shea butter (shea butter is reknown for it's moisturizing & healing attributes), 50% olive oil bar enriched with moisturizing, organically farmed, vitamin A & D enriched goat milk, plus finely ground oats! Essential oils of sweet orange, bois de rosewood, and lavender complete this unforgettable, body-buttering experience! Recommended for ANY dry and sensitive skin conditions including chapped hands, cracked feet, sunburn, and for tender babies!


(This soap costs more due to high shea butter content....but SO worth it! We also obtain our virgin shea butter from an organic fair trade coop that supports women in Ghana West Africa.)

Goatmeal Butter Bar

  • Distilled water, olive oil, African virgin shea butter, goat milk, sodium hydroxide (lye), sweet orange, lavender & rosewood essential oils, ground oatmeal.

    Note: No sodium hydroxide (lye) remains in the finished soap product. (This soap tends to remain slightly soft.)

Orange-Spice-Tea Soap

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