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This soap is based on not only the legendary black soap made in Africa, but also the famous black soap made by the Owens sisters in the popular Practical Magic series of books--which is based on an actual folklore witch recipe.  It was claimed that "whoever used it would benefit and appear younger, perhaps by as much as ten years." 


The scent ingredients and description *in the books* may have been popularized by a work of fiction, but genuine black soap has a very long, rich, and skin-benefiting history originating in Africa.  Traditional key ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, charred plantain, palm, and cocoa pod leaves. Then, we use the Practical Magic-mentioned blend of essential oils known to be anti-microbial and skin smoothing. Also, reference is made to Maria Owens using the magical woods of hazelwood and rowan tree ashes as the alkali to make her soap.  I use the modern day alkali of sodium hydroxide (lye) vs. wood ashes, however I was inspired to use hazelnut oil and rowen berry powder in the soap as "my" version and I suspect my oil and powder versions add more skin attributes this way!


My own experience with genuine African Black Soap (I've tried 4 different sources, direct from Ghana and Nigeria, Africa) has been that I find it a wee bit too alkaline as well as scratchy (exfolianting bits) for my own skin type, yet the benefits are real! craft *my* version of "Black Soap", I set out to combine the benefits of genuine African Black Soap, with the tried and true mildness of my own blend of soap ingredients, and the scent blend of the Practical Magic soap, and crafted this soap!  So as you can see, we have tweaked and customized the recipe to make it our own.  It's effects are no work of fiction! 


FYI re: African Black Soap

Be sure if trying African Black Soap yourself, to read the ingredients and not be duped by soapmakers merely melting down a hunk of melt & pour glycerine soap and adding just black oxide colorant, or activated charcoal.  Activated charcoal possesses great skin benfits, but THAT IS NOT genuine African Black Soap and will not carry the skin benefits of genuine African Black Soap with it's traditional ingredients.  Unfortunately there are many soapmakers doing this nowadays and it is misrepresentation, pure & simple. 


This soap costs more due to the cost of ingredients.


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Witches Black Soap

  • Distilled water, RSPO (responsibly sourced) palm kernel oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), castor oil, charred palm, plaintain and cocoa pod powder, a proprietary essential oil scent blend that contains predominantly rosemary, fennel, anise, spices, and more, lavender flowers, hazelnut oil, rowan berry powder.

    NOTE:  No sodium hydroxide (lye) remains in the finished saponified soap product.

    NOTE:  Contains a nut oil - Hazelnut oil, if you are allergic to or sensitive to nuts.

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