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All That's Old is NEW again! Ancient Alchemy's old soap line is back...

Hello Kind Followers!

As promised, the old soap line is comin' back! We've added 15 soaps thus far, more on the way! We started with autumn and *holiday favorites* as this TIS the season! Hope you find these selections inspiring for your gift-giving, as well as for your own personal pampering!

Some newbie soaps are: Cacao & Honey Soap, and Pomegranate Cider. All I can say is, YUM!!! And a cool scent trick, too, is...(I do this all the time) is to take a potato peeler and peel off strips of soap off your fragrant soap bar and put in your potpourri bowl to scent your house deliciously! Nice for when you have an artificial Christmas tree to do this with Christmas Tree Farm soap!

We also updated our site "story", giving you a bit deeper insight to how this 25 year old biz originated.....

Please note that we also offer GIFT CARDS for those folks who like to "pick their own", as well as last minute gift-giving that you need to do on-the-fly for someone you forgot to get something for! We all have those! These are available right up till Christmas!

Soon to follow are more of our "regular fare" soaps like: Cleo's Secret, Lavender Fields, Verbena Tangerina, etc.

As we sail into the busiest time of year, take time to reflect on all the good, and do take care of yourself! And heads up! It's apparently true what they project about the flu shot taking at least two weeks to take effect. I had one, and at exactly the two week mark, I got the flu anyway and was out of commission for a week. Gah! Take care....

In other holiday gift idea news, we've stocked our Etsy Shoppe with lots of handmade one-of-a-kind warm woolens for the season! Come see if our neck warmers, shawls, or other wraps appeal to you!

Thanks for your interest and support of small handmade business! Always deeply appreciated! I am thankful for you all!



Ancient Alchemy

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