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Father's Day is A-Comin'! Ready?

Father's Day - June 16th!

New Soap & Men's Perfume Spray!

- M A N - was created first as a perfume for my husband! The backstory on that is, David always wore a particular scent that we both absolutely loved! So CLEAN, herbally, yet so manly! He's received countless compliments on it by both men and women alike. People were always commenting "Wow--you smell so good! What is that?" For some reason we'll never know, after years of this being David's signature scent, places we purchased it no longer carried it! The few times we could find it, it was on ebay in very limited supply, usually never for less than $115.00! Well, being in the scent business with a well-stocked collection of scent oils, one day I finally decided I was going to try my hand at mimicing the scent we loved so much, and ta-da.... M A N was born. I couldn't stop at the perfume, and made it as soap, too...and here it is for you, each offered individually, or available as a combo at 10% off! Although sometimes I wonder if I should have made our lil secret a public offering, as women are always coming-on to my husband when they get a whiff of him! Heh-heh! Although his good looks don't hurt, either. ::wink:: A risk I'll take to share this heavenly brew with you! The Perfect Father's Day Gift!!!

Just the soap:

Just the spray perfume:

Combo of both soap and perfume spray:

Check out ALL our men's favorite soaps: Clovosier, Frankincense & Myrrh, Haight-Ashbury Hippie Hemp Bar, Java Bean Scrub, Mossy Musky Dark & Dusky, Mystic Mint, Orange Spice Tea, Samhain Spirit, Sandalwood Patchouli, & Witches Black Soap!

Coming soon! Summer soap treat revisits: Jasmine Orange Blossom, and California Skinny Dipper....back for a limited time this summer season!

~ Carol

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