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"Once upon a midnight dreary"....

"Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary".... Poe's famous poem, "The Raven". many of us love that poem, each for our own individual reasons. I find inspirations like this often make their way into what I craft......

I love it because it marked a turning point for me. I was a freshman in high school and terribly, painfully, almost cripplingly shy. To attempt to overcome my shyness, I signed up for a Drama class. One of the first assignments was to memorize a poem to recite to the whole class. For me, this was a challenge like you cannot believe! A Poe fanatic from way back, I chose and memorized the poem in record time, but getting up in front of the class was the real challenge; I actually had heart palpitations, broke out in a sweat, and thought I might faint. But I did it, I really DID IT! And after a rousing two rounds of applause, I started to come out of my shyness shell and become more active in social activities I previously would not even dream of trying. Some might even say you can't shut me up now.   "The Raven" was a good omen for the beginning of my transformation. Pretty sure I'll be making one of these to keep for meself! It reminds me that we each need to recognize our weaknesses that hold us back from a fuller life, and personally make the disciplined effort to overcome them.

This cuddly collar will ward off the "midnight drearies" and cold with it's exceptionally soft, textured boucle yarn! Very stretchy and can be pulled on over your head, or use the buttons to close. The painted wood buttons are a lovely reminder of the amazing raven bird, known for it's exceptional intelligence, and it's symbolism for prophecy and insight many Poe-lovers and goth types cherish and hold dear. A collar Poe himself would appreciate!

Yes, I'm on a knitting roll, warding off the cold of long winter nights.


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