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The Wylde Wytch Soap Line is comin' back!

Hello my Lil' Witchipoos and Other Magical Soap Folk!

OK, I've quite honestly been overwhelmed with how many of you keep sending me emails and messages, saying you miss the Wylde Wytch Soap line! It's a collection I love, too, stemming from my herbal gardening heart, the cherished wisdom of my green-thumb Gran, and truly, the only reason I discontinued it was...the pandemic hit...

I was needed to help manage my husband's business when his previous business manager left unexpectedly at the start of the pandemic, no warning whatsoever. It was NOT a great time to try to hire outsiders, we found! So temporary fill-in - "ME", somehow became UN-temporary. Creative artsy me, had to suddenly grow a numbers brain, learn accounting software, and recognize and correct several old bookkeeping errors in short order. But I did it! Turns out you can be left and right brained at the same time! But in short, there were only so many hours in the day, and it was impossible for me to run TWO full-time businesses at once. So I had to make some production cut decisions at the time, and I thought I better stick with the usual Ancient Alchemy soap line, the usual standards, if you will. But in the back of my mind, I always wanted to bring the Wylde Wytch Soaps line back....

Your communications on the issue have convinced me! Thank you for your encouraging feedback! It warms the cockles of me heart to know those soaps meant so much to so many of YOU! And I'm managing the 2 businesses better now. But I am still having to offer it in limited production, and I'm offering it in it's own lil' shop over at Etsy. You can find it here: hyyp://

I'm still adding the soaps to the Etsy shop....but you're welcome to let me know WHICH favorite WITCH soaps to add first if you like... Shoot me an email: or respond to this post if ya like!

The collection will again be:

* = already added to the Etsy shop, and yes, some off these are also listed at

*Amas Veritas


Berry Me In Black

*Blessed Bee

Blessing Seed Bar

Conjure Soap


Druid Brew


Handfast Soap

Indigo Chylde

Midnight Margarita

*Mossy, Musky, Dark & Dusky

*Samhain Spirit


*Witches Black Soap




Thanks again!


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