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White Elephant Soap Scrap Sale--AGAIN!

YEP! They're piling up AGAIN! White Elephant Soap Scraps!

We've had a LOT of custom orders lately and a mountainous build-up of odd end pieces, some whole bars, but all perfectly good useable-size soap we sell at a discount! This is a great way to enjoy handmade soap at a pretty bitchen price! The usual discount price is $15/lb., but I've lowered it to $12/lb. for a limited time, just to try to clear my workshop of the pile-up!

So grab this deal while the gettin'-is-good!

As we state on our site, we can't always honor specific scent requests, but will do our best! List in the NOTES part of your shopping cart what scents you favor and we'll try our best to include scents or similar for ya!


Ancient Alchemy

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