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Product Line Update....AGAIN!

Dear Customers...

Something I've always prided myself on as a business-owner these many years since I first opened shop back in 1994, is I always try to listen to you and use your feedback, adapt it to what I offer, if it is also in alignment with my own company and product visions and standards.

Last year when I decided to offer only all organic ingredient soaps, etc., I began to slowly receive a lot of feedback.  And most of it revolved around PRICE.  Many of you loved the new soaps, missed some of the old ones, but with these inflationary times we're living in, price was becoming a painful deterrent...gas or premium soap?  And there's no way around it, "organic" DOES COST MORE. More and more I was also hearing, "I really miss your old line!  It was my one creature comfort I enjoyed ordering consistently!"

So guess what?

I'm bringing back the old soap line formula (not all of the ingredients are organic), but in limited quantity.  It will probably remain at a menu of about 20+ soaps, with occasional seasonal offerings as per holidays, etc.

Organic or not, base ingredients HAVE gone up though worldwide, so soap bar price will be around the $10 - $11 mark, which I can't help that.  Oils like olive oil have exploded in price.


I just wanted to give you a heads-up on that update!

And as always, I appreciate your feedback.

If you have more to say, hit me up at:




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