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Scent Families:  Medicinal, camphorous, herbal


(THE soap most asked-for by teens!  Also a great non-chemical natural hand soap with tea tree oil's legendary natural antiseptic properties!)


Australian tea tree oil--what a gift from nature!  History Lesson: Captain James Cook and his party, upon landing in Botany Bay, New South Wales in 1770, came upon groves of trees thick with sticky, aromatic leaves they later used to make a spicy tea.  The "Tea Tree" as it was called by Cook, also became a valued bush remedy used by European settlers.  It wasn't until after WWI though that serious attention was given this plant's uses!  In 1923, the Australian government conducted studies and discovered tea tree essential oil to be 12 times stronger than carbolic acid (the standard then) as an antiseptic!


But....long before Cook found tea tree, Australian Bundjalung Aborigines told stories of a lagoon into which tea tree leaves dropped.  Cuts, wounds, and skin conditions improved after bathing in the water, the legends tell. 


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  • Distilled water, olive oil, RSPO (responsibilbly grown and harvested) palm kernel oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide (lye) castor oil, Australian tea tree essential oil, ground mint leaves.

    NOTE:  No sodium hydroxide (lye) remains in the finished/saponified soap product.