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This was my very first soap I made!  Why?  Because I had super-sensitive skin and at the time I began soapmaking, I *thought* my skin problems were a DNA flaw I inherited.  Truth-be-told, and as I later figured out, my skin sensitivities were actually caused by all the chemicals and detergents in most mass-manufactured soaps I'd tried and used all my life up until then!  Those detergent-soaps are designed to strip skin to clean it, and do so with the least expensive chemicals as possible.  It wasn't until I tried handmade soap with pronouncable natural vegetable ingredients that I noticed an incredible difference in my skin! My skin was no longer *reacting*.


Bar None is the plainest, purest, most back-to-basics soothing soap I could imagine.  Generally-speaking, scent of any kind can be a main culprit for my sensitive-skin sufferers. So while all the base vegetable oil ingredients for this soap are pure and natural, I elected to also not scent this bar at all, either.  Finely ground oats add their skin-soothing power, and any scent you do smell is just the barest scent of oats. 


We've had countless customers from all walks of life share their success with using Bar None, from those with skin conditions like excema and psoriasis, diabetes, to mothers of babies (mind you, this is not a tearless soap, so be careful not to get it in baby's eyes!), to patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation who feel the skin-thinning and burn-effects of those therapies, as well as people with conditions like acne who suffer from having over-washed their skin consistently, setting up a pattern of their skin over-responding to over-washing and over-stimulating oil prodiction.  Bar None is gentle, non-irritating, and will not strip the skin of it's natural oils that should be there.  We also super-fat this soap with non-greasy jojoba oil, which mimics the skin's natural oils.  Super-fatting is a process where an oil is added after saponification-binding has already begun in the soap mixing process, and the super-fatting oil free-floats in the soap, readily absorbed into the skin upon use in the finished soap bar.  This balances any oils removed in washing.  This soap also has the lightest exfoliation-effect from the finely ground oats. 


I am not a physician or medical professional licensed to offer medical advice, so I do advice you to clear any new products or skincare routines with your doctor.  I am only sharing feedback that customers of ours have shared with us after using our products.  Take from it what you will.  And do try skin-testing any new product if you have concerns how it may work for you, especially if you have a skin condiiton. 


  • Distilled water, RSPO palm kernel oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide (lye), castor oil, jojoba oil, ground oats, whole oats.

    NOTE:  No sodium hydroxide (lye) remains in the finished soap product.

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