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"Mama, why do they call me odd, a weirdo, and a witch? What makes me strange?" she asked. 


"Because you're different.  People fear 'different'.  They seem to prefer 'sameness', boring as that may be. So yes, I guess you are a weirdo.  A witch?  I'm not sure what that means anymore. But it's OK because I love you no matter what, and I want you to be yourself no matter what.  So you do what pleases you most, become good at it, for it may one day be your life's work.  And just let the others be.  They should not matter to you if they are mean or make you feel bad.  In this life, it is not what you SAY that matters, or what you or others call yourself; it's what you DO and how you treat others that defines you.  And you, my little weirdo, are GOOD!"

"OK, Mama.  I'll keep being good." the little girl promised. 


The little girl grew, and grew, and grew all the way up to 5' 10", and still, she loved all-things-old, to get lost in forests, she remained fascinated with plants and herbs, making mud pies and potions. She still drew and painted and wrote stories.  She still LOVED Halloween, and had many animals, often rescuing and nursing them back to health.  Before you know it, she became a surgical nurse. She worked in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery where she was most happy helping children with birth defects like missing ears, and cleft palates, etc.  Their happy smiles after treatment were the most magical smiles ever!


One very chilly December night, a handsome minstrel crossed her path who intuitively recognized and knew her soul, even though she was a weirdo...and she intuitively recognized his!  For as it turned out,  HE was a weirdo, too!  It was kismet MaGic!  They fell in love instantly the night of their meeting, ...later got married, ...made a home, ...and went on to have three little weirdos.  But the girl, a full-fledged weirdo-woman, could not bear the thought of being away from her little strangelings, so she started businesses at home.  Doing what, you may ask?  Caring for children (they are her favorite people!), and also making mud pies, potions, and soaps, drawing and painting art, spinning & knitting fiber, and all manner of crafty things she'd learned as a she could be near her wee ones and teach them the way of weirdos, to be themselves, of course! And indeed, weirdos they became, all pursuing their own special interests.  This gave the woman great happiness; seeing her children be who they were meant to be, strong in their independence! For not only did she teach them, but they taught her.


And that is precisely how Ancient Alchemy came to be! A different sort of odd, weirdo woman, pursuing different sorts of odd weirdo things, to be near her little strangelings!  And it goes to show, can grow up to become who you already were all along from the start, ...doing what you love most if you choose matter what people say about you.

The woman's strangelings are all grown up now, and there is even a grand-strangeling to teach the ways of weird to!

Yes, the woman remains odd, and people still call her "a witch" because of all she loves to do, and how she makes her living!


And she is just fine with that...

The End.....or perhaps just the beginning of the rest of her life.


"The Weirdo"


The Weirdo Husband

kids- three-Steph's-B-Day=2.webp

The 3 Strangelings


The Grand-Strangeling


The Soap & Potion Home Workshop 


The Art Studio


Patio Garden/Workshop Front


The beloved Newfies:
Gryff & Zoey
("Newfies" = Newfoundlands)


World's most persnickety cat....ever. 

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