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Quick Sale Reminder! @ Wytch Feathers

Hi Dear Followers...

Just a quick reminder if you're still pondering a Valentine Gift for your Sweetheart, I'm still having a sale at my Etsy shop - WytchFeathers- just through tomorrow (02/08) for 15% off! Use code VALENTINE15 at check out, err, I think it may automatically be applied! There's LOTS of hand spun, hand knit enchanting warm woolens available, and boy, we sure need them with the weather what it is! Anyway, the sale ends tomorrow so I still have time to get items shipped to you in-time for Valentines Day arrival! There's items for men, women, and kids, all! Below are just a few items of what's available, all handmade with love, magic and ancient tradition!

For those of you who are messaging to check on me here in San Diego with the rains and flooding featuring prominently in the national news (THANK YOU!) and sorry I haven't had a chance to reply back to all....we are fine here! Our home is up on a mesa (geographic table) so gravity serves us better than most; the flooding runs downhill. The workshop in our backyard very nearly flooded but we sand-bagged and staged pumps (hubby is a plumbing contractor) and managed to keep it to a minimum. But the high humidity is slowing soap curing. Compared to many in the region, that is a small worry and we are lucky. Thank you for your concern!

Keep well, Good People and stay safe yourselves!



Ancient Alchemy -

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